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From Books to Boxes to Bottles …

PMA Global’s international sourcing reach and experience means there is virtually no limit to what types of products we can source for our clients. We love a challenge, and every day our clients bring us new and exciting sourcing briefs to help grow, promote and do their business by leveraging PMA’s deep expertise in the often complex world of procurement. It’s what we do at PMA Global. Making it easy for clients to find the right products, at the right price, with a quality result, delivered on time. Every time.

Whether you require branded Printed items, or Promotional Premiums & Merchandise, or Packing materials, or Plastic Palm Trees, it doesn’t faze us. With our own dedicated sourcing teams locally and internationally, PMA has over nearly 30 years built a carefully selected and managed network of best-in-market suppliers across literally hundreds of product categories. These suppliers work closely with PMA to ensure our clients’ production requirements are met to exacting specifications and quality levels on every job.

PMA’s capabilities don’t stop at sourcing. We also project manage the whole job for you, from design through to delivery, including warehousing and distribution if required.

Tell us what you want and by when, and we’ll do the rest. And if by some chance you need an item we don’t yet have a supplier for, then we’ll get cracking and find one (or ten!) to suit your particular needs.

Just a few recent examples of PMA sourcing project capability for our clients …

Books: A specialist publisher required a long run of printed and bound books for a campaign launch. With a tight budget and demanding timeframe, PMA tendered the job to a broad range of local and offshore print manufacturers to identify the most economical and quality assured supplier for the job.

PMA makes Offshore Sourcing Easy.  No Stress.

Boxes: A leading international retailer asked us to find a solution for their high-end product packaging needs. Using our extensive supplier base, PMA identified the perfect supplier for the job and was able to provide our client with an improved packaging range and streamline processes for inventory control and reorders.

Bottles: Need glass bottles for your Winery or Beer business? Not a problem, as PMA has undertaken extensive research for glass bottle production and works with a number of market leading offshore factories in this space to provide innovative solutions for the alcohol industry.

Use PMA to take away your procurement headaches, and meet those critical business challenges when sourcing your complete range of print and promotional products.

PMA is here as your smart sourcing helper … across town, across the country, and around the world.

Time is Money. Don’t Wait. Contact PMA today.